Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love in the workplace

So, one of my work buddies just stopped by my office to say hello. After some quick chat about work stuff, on her way out, she said, "Hey, what was up with that crazy post on your blog?"

I had no idea what she was talking about.

She reminded me that over the weekend, I'd told someone I loved him or her. I laughed and asked if she clicked on the link. She said she did click on the link and saw that some anonymous person had said "I love you too," at which point she decided it was way too personal to get involved in.

"No," I said. "Did you click the link that was in the post?"

"There was a link in the post?"

"Yep," I said.

"But then it was your Facebook status, too."

"Right," I said. "There was a link there, too."

"I need to call [bzzzzgrrrl]," she said abruptly, which confused me, but I quickly figured out that she meant she needed to call another friend of ours; she was just flustered enough that she was getting names confused. And the reason she had needed to call that other friend of ours was that they had been speculating about my apparent sudden falling in love, and my apparent sudden willingness to discuss it here before either of them had even heard there was a candidate.

There are two potential takeaways here:
  • During the time that I have had this blog, I have both been in love and not been in love, and you haven't heard much about either here. You won't the next time, either, unless it gets so serious that my real-life friends will already be well aware of what's going on.
  • If I post something super-cryptic and very exciting here, look for a link. If you don't see one, ask. There is almost certainly a logical explanation.

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Anonymous said...

the third takeaway is that your friend is a moron and/or needs to seriously slow down her life to a pace where she can actually see that the words are a link and not just some randomly chosen font color. either which way as someone who loves it when anyone falls or (goes screaming into the night) in love I say yeah to love whether it happens or not.