Sunday, April 1, 2012

April powers

Things that I read, heard about, or did today that seemed like April Fool's jokes but apparently weren't:
  • I told my friend I was leaving for Sears right then, but I didn't leave for an hour, and she was waiting for me there the whole time.
  • Someone I know started doing something called a "Harry Potter workout."
  • A friend-of-a-friend received a phone call asserting that her mother had been kidnapped and demanding ransom, when in fact the mother was in a sauna and not kidnapped. The FBI was uninterested that someone is making calls claiming to have kidnapped people.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced his intent to retire, and one of the frontrunners his successor is opposed to the ordination of women.
  • I started watching Dirty Sexy Money because I ran out of episodes of The Jersey Shore
  • I continued to cram for my cholesterol test.
Also, I gave away the bed frame from the moving story to BTG from the moving story.

And may have learned that eating too many almonds maybe gives me migraines. Maybe. I'm not willing to commit to that yet, because almonds are good.

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