Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sentence of the day, damp Easter edition

I went to church last night and this morning, as I do, and we sang "Come, ye faithful, raise the strain," which contains one of my favorite phrases: "led them with unmoistened foot..."

It tickles me every year.

This year, though? Not the phrase that tickled me most. Oh, it tickled me, as it always does.

But then, a few hours later, my extended family and I were sitting at the table, eating a wonderful Easter feast of lamb and asparagus and rice and salad and lemon crumb cake. And my sister spoke to her son, my beautiful not-quite-two-year-old nephew, and a new, not unrelated, favorite phrase for the day was born.

"Don't lick your sock."

It tickles me still.


Lisa Clarke said...

I like that one.

A few years ago I was in a position to inform my kids, "there are no leprechauns in the Stations of the Cross."

Someday I plan to write a book:

"There is no Butt-Pinching at a Funeral!" ...and Other Things I Never Thought I'd Have to Say

bzzzzgrrrl said...