Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A brief thought on a sunny morning

I wonder if the neighbor I just caught watching me put wet clothes on the line thinks there are no undergarments out there because:

  • I don't wear them, or
  • I am hopelessly puritanical and New Englandy, or
  • I find these particular neighbors creepy and don't want them, specifically, looking at my undergarments.


Amanda said...

1.Superheroes like to keep their undies under wraps, just saying.

Do you consider socks undergarments?

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Good call. I will choose to think that they are spying on me because they think I'm a superhero.

Regarding socks, that has a multipart answer:
1) not generally,
2) I would still probably not put them on the line, because that's more clothespins and effort than it's worth when I'm machine-drying underpants and bras anyway,
3) There did not happen to be any socks in this load, because I sort my laundry by color thusly: whites, colors, darks, reds. This was a colored load (load of color?) and I only own socks that are either white or black.

Joe said...

Haha. I have nothing to add. Just wanted to thank you for the laugh.