Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late last night, while we were all in bed...

If there is one thing about Peter Brady that is better than me, it is his ability to do this without freaking out his friends to the point where they feel compelled to become EMTs.
It is not his Humphrey Bogart impression. Mine is certainly superior.

(Mike, I do know that this is Christopher Plummer and not Peter Brady. But there are other things about CP that are better than me, including his ability to get foxy much younger women to like him without being entertaining or interesting or funny. Hey, wait. What?)

(Everyone, I do also know that it's really Christopher Knight. Whoops. Christopher Knight was Peter Brady. Eve Plumb was Jan Brady. Christopher Plummer was Captain von Trapp. Christopher Knight is also who I am discussing in parentheses above.)


Kay Bailey said...

While I feel very accomplished at figuring out what the hell you were talking about, I think the link you have posted has been changed to something else. That is, there must be something different at the end of the link now. Because this has nothing to do with the Von Trapps.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Good catch.
The link's fixed.
Still nothing to do with the von Trapps, and everything to do with the Bradys.

mike said...

Christopher Plummer was also the Klingon general who said, "You've never heard Shakespeare until you've heard it in the original Klingon."

bzh said...

Look how far Peter Brady's come. His hat's on fire and he gets the girl.
What's next? Prom King?

bzh said...

Oh, wait. I was confused. He doesn't get the girl. Instead, he blows his dick off.
Same difference.