Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cutting to the chase

As I mentioned several months ago, my sister and brother-in-law gave me a pair of scissors and a dress at the tea ceremony preceding their wedding. I was glib about it at the time, but the point of that was that, since my younger sister was getting married before I was, they needed to do something to ward off the bad luck that might befall me in relationships. Both the dress and the scissors are Chinese traditions, so I can attract a spouse of my own. Nothing so far, but to be fair, I've only worn the dress once since their wedding. And I hardly use the scissors, despite the fact that they are both very beautiful and ornamental, and also entirely utilitarian. They are probably the sharpest scissors I own.

In what would appear to be unrelated, but is not (I'll get there), my house is cleaner than usual these days, and I am trying to do as much decluttering as possible, which has extended to my trying to practice a little feng shui.

So here's the question for you, because I know somewhere in my readership there has to be someone who knows something about feng shui. Right?

I put the scissors in the relationship corner of my house. The idea was that, since they were given to me to bring me a relationship, and since they are a "pair," that would be good feng shui. It occurred to me this morning that since they are very sharp, and pointed, and next to my bed, that could be perceived as a little more hostile to love, and although I call them a pair, they're still just one thing, which you should never have in your relationship corner.

Any opinions on the wisdom of keeping those scissors there, or not?


PMJG said...

I'm unable to overcome my need to paraphrase that wedding toast, "May your union be like a pair of scissors: unbreakably joined, able to move in opposite directions, and joining together with deadly force to destroy anything that comes between them."

But yeah, I know nothing about Feng Shui. I'm totally gonna read a book about it one day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Feng Shui, but as long as they aren't in a place you would accidentally step on--you're safe.

Jennifer said...

if you're going by Feng Shui, scissors are bad for relationships. Each 'section' (relationship, career, family, etc) has an associated direction, color and element.
Relationships are southwest, pink, and earth. Metal is created by earth, but doesn't help your relationships.
If you want the keep the scissors in your bedroom, then treat the room as it's own bagua, and put the scissors by the east wall of the room.
If that doesn't make sense, yell and I'll give a better explaination.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

That entirely makes sense.

If I don't care about keeping the scissors in the bedroom, I can just move them to the east wall of the house, where they'll help (or at least not harm) health? I don't want to put them in children/creativity or helpful people?

Cousin Mouse said...

Don't run with them.