Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love you Pinky Ganesh

That is my favorite sentence I've heard today. In weeks, maybe.
"I love you Pinky Ganesh."

I came to it by way of a fascinating brown-bag talk on "Why professors blog," which turned out to be more on why this one guy blogs on everything he can think of, including but not limited to his sabbatical in India, which is fine, because it was awesome. My new favorite sentence was graffiti he found in India, in fact. I can honestly say I have never thought so much about Indian graffiti in my whole life put together as I have thought today about that one sentence.

Until I can think of some sentences I like as well as "I love you Pinky Ganesh," you should go look at his blog, because it is awesome and talks about things including but not limited to charismatic megafauna and his nine-year-old's take on Hobson's choices.

Sometimes, I very much like working for a college.

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