Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where? Weare. Where?

Sorry, kids. Been busy. There are mountains to climb and bellydancing lessons to take and commissions of diversity and multiculturalism to co-chair. Anyway, you don't want excuses. You want lists that compare me to Supreme Court Justice David Souter, inspired by a conversation with my cousin on a hike on Monadnock today.

Things about me that are like Supreme Court Justice David Souter:
  • We are white.
  • We have winning smiles.
  • We brought our belongings from New Hampshire to the D.C. area in a U-Haul.
  • We never totally unpacked.
  • We got sick of D.C., even with great jobs and friends there, and decided to return to New Hampshire.
  • The middle school in Weare, NH, (pronounced, "where." Yes, it's hilarious.) is named after neither of us.
Things about me that are unlike Supreme Court Justice David Souter:
  • Weare, NH, actually wanted to name the middle school for him.
  • I lasted only 8 years, while he lasted 19.
  • Republicans used to think he was on their side.
  • He does not seem to want special treatment or deference.
  • Anyone might be actually inclined to give him special treatment or deference.
  • I beat him back up here.
Other similarities or differences you think worth mentioning?


Cousin Mouse said...

I inspired somebody! I am so proud!!

Joe said...

I'm going to guess that you don't wear a black robe to work. There's one difference.
But maybe you do.

along said...

You both look good in black.
You both are sorely missed (or will be in Souter's case).
You both have sat on a bench as part of a job (I'm assuming camp counseling involved a bench, at some point).
You both saw a Totenberg at work. Nina for him, Emily for you.
Speaking of inspired ...

Obama and I both moved from Chicago to D.C. (and both miss the Midwest).
We both get bitchy without a workout.
And we both talk too much sometimes.

choneycutt04 said...

...i went to hs in weare...and currently live here now...and would love to get out of this place! esp since I live in north weare...the sign of course for north weare reads "no.weare" I can def say that I live in the middle of no.weare! and the question of "where do you live" with a response "weare"...ya "where?" no "weare...i live in weare" oh it never gets old.

Kay Bailey said...

I'm glad you didn't say "I beat him up back here." That does not display the deference he deserves and probably expects.