Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Win big for big, er. Whatever.

So Condomania has apparently been measuring. Or something.

And you'll be glad to know that my old hometown of D.C. and my current home state of New Hampshire both do just fine. Seems like there would be a lot of jokes I could make, but really, I have already wasted most of the ten minutes I was gong to take for lunch on this. And you, readers, never disappoint me on the jokey joke front.

So have at it. There'll be a prize for the author of the best line in the comments. Contest starts now and ends Friday at noon.


Joe said...

"We now have the most comprehensive database of penis sizes on the planet."
Pretty much says it all, huh?
I heard Dick Tracy is their Head Researcher.

Lisa Clarke said...

Before I clicked through, I thought the link was condo-mania, and was about homeowning habits around the country.

I was a little surprised that New Hampshire would have more condominiums than New Jersey, but then I saw what it was *really* about.

I don't think I am qualified to comment on that, given that my personal experience involves samples from only one state ;-)

Holy Prepuce said...

Bzzzgrrrl: right you are.