Friday, August 27, 2010

I ask because the internet asked me...

OK, not the whole internet. Just Kristy. And now that I reread her post, she didn't even ask. But whatever. The post is written now.

What's in your purse?

My answer comes in two parts, because I don't carry a purse.

Part One: I do have a work bag that does double-duty as my gym bag, and it contains:
  • Sweat shorts I've owned for one million years
  • New long sports bra
  • Sneakers
  • Socks (white sport)
  • Socks (black dress)
  • Armadillo's burrito bonus card
  • Mederma for the giant scar on my leg
  • Cell phone charger
  • Pencil (yellow, pink eraser)
  • Trish reversible necklace
  • Oz pendant slide
  • Duchess ring
  • Moonwalk ring
  • Zen bracelet
  • A toothbrush
  • A San Francisco bike map and walking guide that I must have stolen from my cousin Laura in January and didn't know it until now — sorry, Laura.
  • The program to Katya's Holiday Spectacular!, a drag show I attended in January
  • A $50 voucher from Southwest
  • Two jalape├▒os in a zippered baggie
  • One quarter
  • Two dimes
  • One nickel
  • Four pennies
  • Keys to my office and house, on a whistle/compass/magnifying glass/thermometer keychain
  • Business cards (lia sophia) in an elegant business card holder
  • A to-do list from over a month ago
  • My kitchen timer
Part Two: My rock-star friend and I were just discussing the other day what I'd do if I won the lottery, and what would be in my purse under those circumstances.
me: first i would buy all the jewelry in the whole catalog, even the stuff i didn't like, so people could see it
rock star: heh
me: i get a 70% discount, so that would come to about $6,000, i think
rock star: that'd be like the change in the bottom of your bag... dude
me: yup
if i had a bag
which i would, if i won the lottery
because $6000 wouldn't fit well in my jeans pocket
the way my current change does
rock star: or you'd have to get a really really tight belt to hold your pants up
me: unless i had it in $1000 bills
in which case it would take up the same space as the $6 i have there now
but cumberland farms would hassle me when i went to buy a diet coke
so, yeah
when i win the lottery, i'll get a purse and all the lia sophia jewelry
rock star: good plan
So, now I'm asking. What's in your purse or equivalent?


Anonymous said...

Um, your bag must be very heavy...

I have a wallet, sunglasses, a rolled-up shopping bag, a hair brush, a pen, post-it notes, Advil, three caramels, two peppermints, a handkerchief, and some feminine supplies. Oh, and the very essential chapstick (can't go anywhere without it).

I'm surprised no-one else has responded to this yet -- I think the answers could provide some interesting insight into the human condition.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

My bag is heavy-ish, but you'll notice it does not include:
-Car keys

That's because those things are in my pocket. I do not carry my bag everywhere.

Cubeangel said...

Mine's boring. I just have a wallet, iPod, keys, compact mirror, reporter notepad, Bayer, strawberry lip balm, hair tie (that I borrowed from Rosheen and apparently stole), movie ticket stub from Salt, Saint Benedict medal from the Franciscan Monastery, two pens (one red Hello Kitty, one black Radford University), and eight assorted clip bobby pins.