Sunday, August 29, 2010

In which the jaded spinster discusses marriage

So, you know, I'm single. And open to dating, if you know anyone.

But when it (infrequently) occurs to me to wish I were married, it is usually for one of the following two reasons (in order of how often it occurs to me):
  1. I wish I had someone to help me move this heavy thing, or
  2. I wish there were two incomes to cover these utilities.

Are there other advantages to marriage, you married people? Single people, are there other reasons you wish you were married?


icanhasyarn said...

The biggest one for me is just having someone to laugh and share things (good and bad) with. Knowing that no matter how bad the world is, there's someone who's on my side.

Joe said...

Agreed 100% with first comment. Nothing ever seems too tough when you've got that certain someone in your corner at all times.
Well, most of the time.
I mean, there's arguments over household chores, finances, the kids. . .and seriously, why the obssession with the shoes?
Wait, what was the question?
Sweetheart, if you're reading this, you know I'm teasing (wink).

Anonymous said...

I like having a partner in life. In a way, it's like being a small business owner -- you could do it yourself, but it's nicer to have someone to share the worries and the successes, to cover when you go on vacation, and yes, to help lift those heavy things.

Plus, you get to work through your childhood issues (with your spouse, not your business partner) -- if you're together long enough, just about all of them will come up at some point :-)