Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking for bangs in all the wrong places

I didn't think I could find the search terms that brought people here. Turns out I can.

I did know that I get more traffic than I'd expect, based on the number of people I know who read regularly and the number of comments I get.

Turns out, that may be because virtually no one who gets here via search is actually looking for this blog. Sorry about that, visitors. Stick around anyway. I'm pretty entertaining.

Search terms that brought people to CMC in the last week:
  • images of bangs 
  • straight across bangs 
  • baby bangs hair styles 
  • baby bangs with medium hair 
  • city to country blog 
  • coty mouse country blog 
  • country mouse city mouse have sex with their girlfriends 
  • difference between the country mouse and city mouse 
  • try to remember the kind of november

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