Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your turn

Hey there; it's been a little while since we acknowledged how pathetic I am when sick.

So, so pathetic.

I mean, it starts out OK. I get a little sick and I do what I understand to be the smartest thing to do: I cave, immediately and completely. A few sniffles in and I am in bed, resting (OK, maybe "in bed" sometimes means "on the couch" and "resting" sometimes means "watching terrible, terrible TV") and pushing fluids. I do believe, in my heart of hearts, that that course of action results in less overall down time, and right now, in particular, I can afford no down time.

But quickly, it degenerates into the kind of whininess that I subject only the internet to, from a safe and germ-free distance. I'm siiiiiiiiiiiick, everybody. Entertaaaaaaaaaiiin me.

No, seriously. Please send me hilarious links from the internet.

Meanwhile, I will be eating my friend Dan's foolproof nip-it-in-the-bud cure:
1 can spinach, undrained
1 can lima beans, undrained
As much freshly ground black pepper as you can stand
Combine ingredients. Heat on stove until hot. Eat.
Yes, that is exactly as tasty as it sounds. But Dan swears by it, and I have the ingredients, so I'm doing it.


April said...

EWW. I'd go the gin and lemonade route instead, if I were you. Feel better soon.

Beth Hunt said...

I'm with April on the gin and lemonade. In the meantime, here are some things that got my attention:

Feel better soon, friend.

April said...

Not hilarious, but a thoroughly enjoyable interview:

Brett said...

That sounds totally tasty to me, but I'm weird like that. I'd add some fresh lemon juice and call it dinner!

When I'm sick, I crave extremely unhealthy things like Ramen. My friend has a theory that all the chemicals kill whatever is making you sick. :-)

Joe said...

I would suggest zinc pills, 'cause that works for my wife. But it never works for me. So there you go.
And I'm with Brett, that actually does not sound too bad for a meal.
I have nothing for links. I hope this still entertained you.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

First: I advocate for all the links Beth shared. If you don't have a lot of time and are not arachnophobic, just look at the first one. I will admit that I have not yet listened to April's link, but I totally will.

Second: I am frankly stunned to hear Brett advocate for a canned vegetable, let alone two of them, and slightly less stunned (but still surprised) to hear Joe advocate for same. I did, however, eat the concoction for breakfast yesterday, and I am back at work today, so it totally worked. ANd I also crave Ramen but hate zinc.

Joe said...

Ok. Here you go.