Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And then (almost) a whole month went by

Today, one of my very favorite readers (and, you know, real-life friend), sent me this e-mail:
You there?
Hadn’t seen anything on the blog in a while. Just wanted to see how you were doing and check in on an old friend. And by old I mean, longtime. Not chronologically.
Never mind.

...which was perfect, in that it let me say to him what I have been planning to say to you all regarding my absence:

Ha! I have half a dozen posts in my head. I'm doing great, actually, thanks for checking in, just busy: away for a weekend with high school friends, college reunion, bananas at work (in mostly good/ok ways), trying to fit in time with the romantic interest. I will try to start getting some of those posts out of my head and onto CMC soon.
How are you?
No, seriously, how are you?

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Joe said...

Much better now.