Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Boy howdy

Yesterday marked 18 months since RI and I first started dating. Our anniversary gift to you: pronouns.

He, him, his.

I haven't used any pronouns for RI here before now because when I first told you about him, he was out to me but not to everyone as transgender. But now, he's "he" to everyone in his real life and on Facebook, his legal name has changed — I could keep not using pronouns, but I know your brain fills them in anyway, depending on some cocktail of who you are, what you know or assume about me, and what you know or assume about him.

Everything else you know about him is still true. He's still wonderful and magical and sweet and funny and a good bowler and hasn't seen Moonlighting (but has now heard of it, thank goodness). But, yeah. Eighteen months. He, him, his.

Day 13 of our month of gratitude: I am so thankful to have RI in my life, neither despite nor because of his gender. I love our journey together, love all the laughter and hugging and playfulness and support — and learning and exploration, of many kinds, together and individually.


Lisa Clarke said...

Hooray for pronouns and for happy anniversaries! Hope you two have many more milestones to share :-)

bzh said...

What Lisa said. Times two. Plus butter and salt. And sprinkles.
Definitely sprinkles.
xoxo to both of you.

Mike said...

G'aww! Take care of each other and rent him some Moonlighting already.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Thanks, all of you. Mike, Moonlighting is harder to come by than you'd think.