Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wrapping up

Almost time to be done with politics and on to those weekend stories I promised you.


Here is the best thing I have read about this election, in the positive way.

I will, unless you ask for it, spare you the beautifully written heartwrenching stuff I have also read about this election, but I have a couple of those, too.

Also, if you are disinclined to read comments, either because you read this on a reader or because you are just disinclined, please go back and read the comments on "Dixville Notch goes to Obama" and "A week."

OK, wait, I'm not quite going to spare you the heartwrenching stuff. If you feel like it, if you gave money to any of the "No on Prop 8" efforts, would you please leave a comment saying so? I am not doing this to shame those of you who did not; we all have lots of things to give our money to. I get that. I'm doing it so I can recognize and congratulate those of you who did a good thing that is important to me.

That's all for now. Fun stories of fall weekends coming soon.

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mike said...

I have a smugly hyperprincipled thing about carpetbagging, i.e., I never give money to campaigns in which I am not eligible to vote (and yes, I realize Prop 8 was won almost entirely with carpetbagger money). And when I ran for office myself, I did not accept any money from anyone who wasn't a constituent of the office I was seeking. But I do give money to the Family Equality Council (formerly Family Pride), probably more than to any other organization, and I support queer-headed families in other ways, and I would have pestered everyone I know in California if I didn't already know for certain that their heads were screwed on tight about this.