Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fix-it, man

I am not sure whether this is a country thing or just an I'm-unbelievably-lucky thing, so I'll leave it to some of my other country folk readers to let me know.
This morning, a guy was supposed to come to fix the dishwasher, sometime between 8 and noon. I was told he could call me half an hour before he came. And then he called me, at 7:50, and showed up, at 8:20. He's fixing the dishwasher now.
This happens every time anyone has to come to do anything in my house up here. They give me a window, they say they'll call, they call, they come in the early part of the window. Repair people, electricians, even the movers (except for That Guy himself, and I think we all know he is an exception to any notion of decent customer service).
I do not think that happened one time when I lived in the D.C. area. If people came within the window at all (which they usually did not), they failed to call. I used to spend hours waiting for people who never came — people I needed to fix important things, usually.