Friday, March 27, 2009

Travel Tips: Lessons from Lake Placid, New York

If you are driving from Keene, NH, to Lake Placid, NY, Google maps will get you there.

If you are driving from Lake Placid, NY, to Keene, NH, on Thanksgiving Day in hopes of getting home in time for pie, it is best not to just try to reverse your old directions.

If you do, you will hit Route 4 near the top of the parabola (that's for you, Chloe and Brian and Christina), but you won't know it, because it will just be a road, and you will take Route 4 "South," which will take you way, way out of your way.

You will not realize it until you will have missed your chance to participate in the Thanksgiving family meal even for mints, and although your aunt and uncle will be very gracious and will let you in when you do get there and will even give you pie, you'll all be too exhausted to enjoy the visit as much as you should, and the rest of the family will all be asleep.

At least, that's my experience. You could also just take 87 all the way south to 7 and cut across the bottom of Vermont.


Joe said...

Travel Tips?!?. ..Tony Vallencourt says, "This is a WICKED good idea."

Anonymous said...

Well, we appreciated your appearance, even post-pie. We were all very glad that you made the effort to be there!

And I don't think we were able to find the good mints this year, so you didn't miss much there. (But, yeah, maybe next time you can skip the trip to Lake Placid.)