Monday, June 8, 2009

Sick and tired

Hey, gang. There was a long post in the works about how sick I was last week, and how I'm also a hypochondriac, which makes everything more difficult. It was hilarious and rambly. But I did not have the attention span to finish it.

I'm better now, but very, very run-down and weak. Which is sad; between the sick and the tired, I have missed:
  • several major family events,
  • one major work event,
  • one minor social event,
  • three and a half days of work,
  • and fireworks
So yesterday, with a little help from my sweet mother, I made my way back to the urgent care center to see if maybe there wasn't something major going on, on top of strep throat. There isn't. I'm fine.

The guy who did my blood work (which, in this case, means both drew the blood and ran the tests) was awkward and made a lot of noise about how drawing blood is his least favorite part of the job, and he doesn't usually do the blood drawing.

That became clearer when we were able to see what happens when he does:

That is after a day of healing, folks. Yesterday, it was just that color and size, but also swollen and weirdly lumpy. Hurts like hell, too.


Joe said...

Um. . .it looks like you were on the business end of a carelessly-fired shotgun blast.
Damn. . .hope you're on the mend, CMC.

bzh said...

Man, there's a special place in hell for people who pretend they know how to draw blood. I mean, give me a needle and syringe and let me poke around long enough and I could end up with a vial of blood, too.
I sure hope this week is better than last, CMC.
And that this guy finds other work.

Cousin Mouse said...

Oh, I hate that. You get someone who isn't skilled and you know he/she has to keep jabbing until he/she gets it done. Awful feeling.

I could tell you experiences as someone who supposedly has "hard-to-find" veins, but I will spare you.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

A few points of clarification:
-In no way did that guy pretend he knew how to draw blood. He's a lab tech, and on the weekends, they have the lab techs draw blood. Dude was clearly very nervous.
-If you can believe it, that nastiness is the result of just one stick. Presumably one stick right through the vein.
-I do not know if my veins are as hard to find as CM's, but I do know that this guy had no trouble finding the vein he destroyed. He even showed my mother how.

Sadako said...

Oh my god. That's scary.