Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today's a big day.

Some of you know.

40 years ago today, a bunch of misfits in a bar made a lot of noise when the folks who were there to serve and protect (whom?) got rough with them. For two days, a bunch of other people joined them, and a bunch of other people watched. A year later, the first Gay Pride marches happened to commemorate the event. And so, many folks argue, the modern LGBT rights movement was born.

I had, like, a million things to say about this, but I realized I was approaching it like a sermon, looking for a moral. I don't have a moral. I'm queer and out and grateful, and there are lessons to be learned from Stonewall and the more recent battles and our righteous disappointment, but I am unable to pick just one, and who am I to tell you what your lessons should be, anyway?

So, then, a few links for more reading, for those who are interested.

And a few questions for folks who feel like having a conversation in the comments. You obviously don't have to answer all of these; pick what strikes your fancy:
  • Did you think about Stonewall today (or yesterday)? What did you think about Stonewall today or yesterday?
  • Do you remember Stonewall? Tell us a story.
  • Do you remember any big queer awarenesses? That you were, that I was, that civil rights matter? Tell us about it.
  • Are you mad at Barack Obama? More or less mad than you were at Bill Clinton? Tell us about it.
  • What are you celebrating today?
  • What are you mourning?
  • Who are your queer heroes, and why? If you don't have any queer heroes, why? You can't just pick me. (Note I said, "just.")
  • Why haven't you found me a nice girl yet?


Holy Prepuce! said...

OK, deal, I'll read your comments too.

Anonymous said...

I thought about Stonewall very recently because I woke up this morning to find that India has just decriminalized consensual sex between same-sex partners.

The people who instigated this legislation were certainly inspired by the gay rights movement here. Step one for India!

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Yea, India, indeed.
My cousin was pictured in both the Times of India and the New York Times this weekend for celebrating in New Delhi. Pretty amazing.