Friday, June 12, 2009

Why all these dudes wearin' brown flip-flops?

When I lived "in D.C." the most recent time, I actually lived in Arlington, one of the closer-in suburbs in Virginia.
In fact, my employer, which had "Washington" in the name, was also in Arlington.
Arlington is most famous nationally as the home to Arlington National Cemetery. But it is famous in the Capital Region for, well, all the stuff in this video, which has been sent to me by approximately 16 different people, as well as popping up on bunches of Facebook statuses.
Enjoy, friends.

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Cousin Mouse said...

Times have changed since the days of Tru Facts & the Insaniacs

"I used to work as a waitron in the lounge of the Hiltron
Now I work for my Senatron and I live in Arlingtron..."

Your average waitron can no longer afford Arlingtron. I was just bar hopping in A-tron last night and it was one dispiriting bar-in-a-box after another.

No bars there like Whitey's or Bardo any more.