Monday, May 24, 2010

Extracting joy, day 1: A bulleted list (of course)

Have you seen this thing of Whimsy's? It's a neat idea, right? And kind of out of keeping with much of my personality, right? Which is only an advantage to you, readers (if readers still there be).
Because either:
  • I will feel compelled to balance, which means a whole lot of posts in this seemingly abandoned place, or
  • I won't, but you'll get joyful posts for a week.

And I know that three of you still check here from time to time (I mean you, J and B and K). Thanks. This one's for you. And for Whimsy, because this will not be the one that wins, but it will be my declaration of intent. The winning entry will be later in the week.

Here are the joys I have extracted from this day, none of which I have yet properly taken quite enough time for:
  • Memories of a lovely weekend, with amazing people, new and less-new
  • My sister's hand-me downs
  • The discovery that Magnum condoms are actually regular-sized condoms (what? So I giggled. You did, too.)
  • Plans for an exciting new world-changing project
  • Praise for the new thing I do at work
  • Praise from my mom for another thing I did at work
  • New running shoes, daring me to make good on my promises of running (no, seriously. I will. Soon, I'm sure.)
  • An even-better-than-expected rewatching of Stranger than Fiction, which, really, if you watched it before and liked it pretty well, watch it again with an eye for the details. If you didn't see it, watch it, quick, so you can watch it again.
  • Phone conversations with old friends
  • Beautiful, beautiful weather, just a little hot, in a way that I may get sick of in August, but totally relish in May
  • A sugar-free cherry Popsicle, which is delightfully and surprisingly much better than the generic version
  • Sleeping with wide-open windows, strategically chosen for maximum cross-breeze
How about you?

1 comment:

Whimsy said...

I absolutely LOVE Stranger Than Fiction - love it. Totally worth a **few** bullets on a bulleted list.

And I might need to check out these sugar-free cherry popsicles. I love me a good cherry popsicle.