Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Extracting joy, day 2: What's in the garage

(Day 1)
(Whimsy's explanation)

A little pre-today background:

Weeks (months? I don't know.) ago, the two worst nest-builders in the world started attempting to build a nest in my garage, in the rafter right above my car door. I first noticed them one morning when I went out to the garage, and startled two blue jays, who freaked out and flew out of the garage.

When I got home from work that day, I stepped on a pile of twigs and plastic stuff on the floor next to my car.

After a few repeats of this (morning jay freakout, afternoon pile of twigs), it became clear what was going on. I did not imagine they'd successfully build a nest up there, particularly after one day when I startled the male and he crashed into the closed garage door, right next to the open garage door. But succeed they did.

And then the female just started sitting there. All the time. She was no longer freaked out, no longer even really noticed me. Which I assumed meant there were eggs in the (seriously, very poorly constructed) nest.

I finally brought my ladder into the garage from the deck, where it had been sitting all winter. I put it as far from the nest as was possible, considering that the nest is in the dead center of the garage. I climbed it a few times anyway, to look at the female jay. She seemed fine. I'd have been bored. She seemed unbothered by it.

So, today's joy:

There were babies in the nest this morning. Three of them that I could see, silently opening and closing their mouths. Their mother was still there, too, looking proud, though I could just be projecting.

I carried those baby birds in my head and my heart all day today, thinking of them about a thousand times, in meetings, as I went for a walk, as I planned for my evening.

And those weird-looking featherless aliens have completely framed my day. Made me excited. Made me want to get home, just to stare at them.

And when I did, they were still there, still opening and closing mouths, occasionally flailing a naked wing. Their mother was not still there, and who can blame her; she's been sitting there for weeks. She came back.

Seriously, I think she looks proud.


Whimsy said...

I love this for SO MANY reasons. For your line, that you carried the birds around in your head and heart all day (LOVE). For the image of the naked little baby birds and the naked wing (LOVE). And for the joy it is even giving me, these thousands of miles away, thinking about a little blue jay family in their ramshackle nest. Absolute, total LOVE.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Aw, thanks, Whimsy. I will try to get a picture to post later today.

Joe said...

Hey, she's back. We missed you.
And you've got some new tenants at the house, which sounds really cool. Bring them some worms and sing a few bars of "Rockin' Robin."
Or some other bird-related song, since we're talking about blue jays here.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Hey, Joe!
I still owe you a prize from two months ago. But welcome back to you, too. And I don't know any blue-jay-themed songs, but am open to learning them.

Joe said...

OK, this is all I could find. It's a tune by The Beatles, no less. But they're not really singing about birds. Oh well.
Here are the lyrics.


Amanda said...

This is my kind of tweeting.