Monday, May 31, 2010

Extracting joy, day 5 (Friday): Great shoes

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Way back last summer, I was working on questions and answers for, I will now admit, an internet dating site.

And one of my dearest friends, who I do not get to see in person very often anymore, but did used to see in person daily, suggested "I have nice legs and am not afraid to wear shoes that show them off" as an answer to one of the questions.

And I sighed heavily, because that used to be true, but when I moved to the country, I got a teensy bit of grief for my shoes and so gave up on cute shoes. But realizing that that was something people used to think about me was enough to inspire me to declare the period from my birthday in August 2009 to the same date 2010 "The Year of Great Shoes."

Now, there are shoe people who have a lot of shoes. I am not, usually, one of them. I generally have a few pairs of shoes I wear in heavy rotation. But this year, I've been committed to making those few pairs great shoes. And people have noticed. And I like that.


Today (Friday), at lunchtime I went into the local consignment store to buy a pair of pants I saw last week and liked.

They didn't have them.

But they did have, in my size and at entirely unbelievable prices:
  • Slightly worn Steve Madden wedges

  • Brand-new Anne Klein wedges

  • Brand-new Frye boots

  • And brand-new Joan and David pumps

Three out of four of these shoes were less than $20. One was, in fact, less than $10. The remaining pair was less than half its retail price.

So I bought them all.


San Diego Momma said...

Those are some effing cute shoes and good deals.

Now hand over the Frye boots.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Hee. Come pry 'em off my cold dead feet.

Whimsy said...

I AM SO GLAD YOU BOUGHT THEM ALL, FOR I AM A SHOE PERSON MYSELF. And it would have actually hurt my FEELINGS if you hadn't bought them all. Kudos.