Friday, December 3, 2010

Spirit Guide

I know this guy, and he's considering becoming a priest.

Part of the process, in the Episcopal Church, is the assembly of a "discernment committee," which meets regularly to support and talk to him, to figure out why (and if) this is really what he wants to do.

I am on that committee.

And as part of that process, we've agreed to spend part of our second meeting (on Wednesday) sharing our "spiritual autobiographies."

Which brings to mind a few questions:
  • Would it be, like, really bad if I paid someone else to come up with my spiritual autobiography?
  • Is it just me, or is it kind of cool that I have reason to write a spiritual autobiography — and share it with near-strangers — every eight years or so?
  • Is it bad that I still have the last two spiritual autobiographies I had to do, and that one of them is in board-game form?
  • Is it bad or a sign of growth that they are pretty much useless to me developing a current relevant spiritual autobiography?
  • Would it be at all funny or instructive if I did it in haiku or six-word form?
and, of course:
  • Would you please post your own six-word or haiku-form spiritual autobiography in the comments?


bzh said...

Lost until I found some Friends.

Anonymous said...

Working on it. Faith takes practice.

Mike said...

It takes more than six words -- see?

Mike said...

(That said, you'll be really good at this -- really good -- even if your spiritual autobiography ends up being a Marshmallow Peeps diorama.)