Monday, December 20, 2010

Worn out

I have an amusing post for you soon, maybe even later today, but for now, I need fashion advice.

I'm going to a party tonight.

What should I wear?

Possibly mitigating factors:
  • The party is 6-8:30 p.m.
  • My hostess is 21 years old, married, and has a new house, with new hardwood floors.
  • We've been told to feel free to bring our fave slippers or socks, because her house is a "slipper/sock only zone."
  • The dress code has been expressed as "wear anything you like... BUT I would love for it to be a fun cocktail party attire (and even cooler to wear cocktail attire with slippers!!!"
  • She is expecting 50 people in a house that is big enough to hold us, but it'll be cozy (and therefore warm).
  • The weather forecast this evening is for temps in the low to mid twenties, with possible flurries.
  • I do not own (or wear) slippers or cute socks, but I am willing to buy some if you think it's necessary.
  • I am willing to be barefoot, and have recently had a pedicure.
I am out of my depth on this one. If you are suggesting a dress, please address how you would deal with the hosiery/footwear issue.


Rick said...

Snag a $7 pair of slippers at CVS or the likes and wear pajamas.

Sarah J. said...

If you want to wear cocktail attire, do it! I own two pairs of ballet slippers for these types of occasions (one black and one pink). You can buy them at Payless (under $10). Or wear tights!

Cousin Mouse said...

Can I pin a related question to this? You get invited to a friend's house but when you get there find out they have a no-shoes policy. You, however, wear orthopedic inserts in your shoes which you would rather not go without.

Do you assert your "special need," or take off the shoes and risk joint discomfort?