Saturday, February 18, 2012


I've been watching the first season of Saturday Night Live, and I've had a theory since I was in college that for any given person, "when Saturday Night Live was good" equals "the original cast" and/or "when [said person] was in high school."

Mind you, I've never actually watched much of the original cast stuff — clips here and there, as they come up, pretty much. But I'm finally watching some of those early shows now. There's a lot of terrible stuff in there (including recurring bits by the Muppets, in what have to be the least interesting Jim Henson creations ever). Like, a lot. To the point where I fast-forward a lot.

But the stuff that's good is amazing to the point of transcendent, so that's what our nostalgic brains remember.

In the whole first season, I've had my jaw drop with astonishment several times, but only two sketches have made me laugh out loud.

If I find the other one online (and I'm trying, because it's fantastic), I'll post it to Facebook. OK, Joe, and link to it in the comments.


Joe said...

Thank you so much for sharing that, CMC.
Andy Kauffman died too soon. Period. End of discussion.

Mike said...

(snif) Andy Kaufman's lip-sync chorus rendition of Old McDonald. ...I knew I had managed to connect with my then-teenage stepdaughters when they gave me, one Christmas, a coffee-table book of scanned images of hate mail letters received by Andy Kaufman.