Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dream weirder

I feel like there's a lot of weird in the air these days. Is that happening to you, too? I am told that Mercury is retrograde, so that could be it, but then I feel like someone is always saying that Mercury is retrograde, so whatever.

  • I am going to visit a friend in Chicago. I have only one other friend in Chicago, who I wanted to introduce the first friend to. Turns out, they not only already know each other, but teach together, are mentor and mentee to each other, and coached soccer together in the fall.
  • I found Davey and Goliath on TV. How long has it been since you saw that show, amiright?*
  • Someone was cooking soup in my kitchen, and as I stirred the pot, I discovered a whole blueberry muffin, still in its wrapper, in the soup, apparently accidentally. How did that even get in there?*
  • A then-girl, now-woman I had a crush on in high school friended my ex on Facebook. They have never met, do not know each other, have no mutual friends but me.
Weird, right? 

*OK, technically, those two things happened in a dream, but they were so funny and weird to me in the dream that I woke up to quick post here or on Facebook, except that by the time I was awake enough to actually do that, I was aware that both Davey and Goliath and the blueberry muffin were a dream. My sister the clinical social worker assures me that the significance of said dream was just that I am too into Facebook; if you discover any deeper or more embarrassing meaning, you'll tell me, right?

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Joe said...

Wow, I spent many a morning watching Davey and Goliath. Still can hear Goliath saying, "Awwww, Davey."