Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tonight, I went to a fantastic show on campus, before which I had a session with my trainer. She and I take turns talking; I exercise, she watches me, and whoever's not talking counts.

I was all excited to tell her about this thing I was going to, and now I'm excited to tell you:
The Devil Music Ensemble, which includes a guy I used to work with at summer camp, composes and performs original scores for silent films. The one they brought to campus tonight is a silent kung-fu movie from 1929 called Red Heroine, and both the film and the performance were awesome. The band is actually touring to China with it in March; if that sounds like the kind of artistic endeavor you'd like to support, you can do that at Kickstarter.

So I set out to tell my trainer about it.

"You count," I said. "I'm going to this thing tonight; my friend's in a band that does original scores for silent movies, and —"

"Wait," she said. "What's a silent movie?"

I literally did not know there were people that young.

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Joe said...

Suddenly cannot get "The Sound of Silence" out of my head. . .picturing it playing while CMC sits there with a blank stare during her training session.