Monday, August 13, 2012

What year is it?

As of Saturday, I am 41. 

You may know that, for the last several years, I've been doing birthday-to-birthday "years of."

  • 38 was the year of cute shoes, explained somewhat here (complete with link to the original inspiration for said year). It was awesome. 
  • 39 was the year of time management. (Meh. Mildly successful, exactly as boring as it sounds.) 
  • 40 was the year of having people over. (Mixed results, but, like the year of cute shoes, it has started me on a path I like a whole lot.)
  • And 41 is the year of... I don't know.
That's where you come in.

I've had some ideas, of course, but I'm realizing that what makes a "year of" really successful is the combination of implicit instruction and superfun. So, for the year of cute shoes, I was obviously going to buy a few pairs of, and consistently wear, cute shoes. For the year of having people over, I had people over, alone and in groups. And my current 41 ideas are too big. "The year of love;" "the year of art" — that could mean so many things. I need more obvious goals within my control. More along the lines of "the year of crochet," except that I am not interested enough in crochet for that to be it.

So, it's (partially) up to you. Here and on the Facebook page, I'm taking suggestions. What's this the year of? We're three days in already; it's time to get cracking. Feel free to invite friends, neighbors, and total strangers to join the fun; there's no reason for people who actually know me and my interests to have all the fun.


Amanda said...

Saying yes? (now I sound like Bethenny from Bravo)

nyczoo said...

This is something I've been trying. And falling off the wagon. And then trying again.

But when it's working, it is effective.

How about the Year of Not Breaking the Chain? Maybe with a different chain for each month to keep things interesting?

Joe said...

Call it the Year of the Mouse and eat more cheese.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Amanda-Maybe. It doesn't seem specific enough. Or, necessarily, fun enough.

nyczoo- It looks very like something I already do. Oh, also? It is IN NO WAY fun enough. I think it would work as well as the year of time management. I am looking for cute shoes levels of fun.

Joe- THAT I could maybe get behind.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Some excellent suggestions from Facebook:
"Year of adventurous long weekends? Year of sunrise & sunset adventures? Year of watercolors?"

Lindsey said...


Cousin Mouse said...

My own personal experience may not be universal, but a lot of people have agreed with me - is that your 40s and 50s are a huge improvement over the 20s and 30s. So, this is the second year of the Best Part of Your Life (so far).

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Lindsey- If this is the year of bowling, it's the third one, and I think I did better at it at 39.

bzzzzgrrrl said...

Cousin- That seems non-specific. But exciting!