Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In with the new

In a very short span of time, a few things happened:

  • I got a gift card for new running shoes for Christmas
  • I got a gift card for a 60-minute massage for Christmas
  • A college friend who is a much more, er, renowned writer than I posted this to Facebook: "Creative work takes energy so writers: pamper yourselves a bit. Do something fun. Eat ice cream. Go for a walk. See a wacky movie. Serious work demands serious play. The two, in fact, are one." 
  • I was invited to exactly two New Year's Eve gatherings: "Self-Care in the New Year for the Surly Hearted" and a latenight guided meditation followed by yoga followed by breath work. (I went to the former. Obviously.)
So, OK, got it. I do not know whether it's the people in my life or God or the universe (or some combination) trying to tell me something, but the message is clear. And apt.

So, here's what I've done in 2013 so far:
  • enjoyed the company of lovely people
  • set some intentions
  • drunk mead and whiskey (both in moderation)
  • watched movies
  • played games
  • asked questions
  • answered questions
  • snuggled with a very sweet puppy
  • cooked up, shared, and eaten a bunch of hoppin' john with greens for both luck and deliciousness
  • read a little Francesca Lia Block
  • hiked in the snow
  • said some stuff that needed to be said
  • eaten some long noodles, also for both luck and deliciousness
  • reconnected with a couple of far-off loved ones
  • prayed

Oh, and then I fell asleep at 6-something this evening and woke up several times expecting it to be the wee hours, except it wasn't and still isn't, so then I changed out of the clothes I crashed in and stayed up a little and wrote a blog post.

Still, not a bad beginning to the year. What restorative things are you doing?

1 comment:

Joe said...

Geez, I'm going to boring here, but focus more on living healthier and maybe dropping a few pounds.
And being a better husband and Dad. 'Cause there's always room to improve.
Oh, and to take more time to myself in 2013. 'Cause that's hard to come by.
A prosperous and peaceful New Year to you, CMC.