Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introducing: Sentence of the Day

Sometimes, I see a sentence that is so glorious in its gloriousness I just want to share it. For example, some of you may remember the wonder that is "I love you Pinky Ganesh."

I think we need a new series here. When I see a sentence that just dazzles me, we'll call it the sentence of the day, and in the future, it won't get this big introduction. I'll also present without context, because a real gem of a sentence should do OK without it, but if the context is hilarious or current eventsy, there'll be a link for your value-added entertainment.

Without further ado:
"Because nothing says "voice of her generation" like eponymous cosmetics." -A friend of a friend, on Facebook

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Anonymous said...

I liked your text from yesterday: "See you there then," because "then" could refer to the time we had set, or be used kind of like a "therefore." When I read it I knew you had given that some thought. -Kay