Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lessons of Gratitude from my First Year of Marriage

Today's guest post is from a dear friend of mine to another dear friend of mine on their first wedding anniversary.

My beloved,

A year ago today was the very best day. Do you remember?

We woke up in a beautiful hotel room on the Charles River on the kind of fall day that is one in a million in a Boston November. We spent the morning surrounded by laughter, love, and some of the people we love most in the whole world. That afternoon, after months of planning and a little (okay, okay, a lot) of stress, we made promises to each other. And then, we celebrated. We ate grilled cheese, drank sparkling cider, and danced until our feet hurt. I’m also still having dreams about that amazing cake.

We’ve laughed, cried, and grown so much together in this first year of marriage. You’ve taught me so much about being the kind of person and partner I want to be. Remember the words we said to each other that day? I think of them almost everyday as I think of all I’m grateful for from this first year:

I promise to love and sustain you in the covenant of marriage, from this day forward: 

  • Thank you for the quiet way you stand by my side. I never have to double check. I just know you are there. 

In sickness and in health… 

  • Thank you for that time I had the flu and was so sick I could hardly get out of bed, and you waited on me hand and foot for days and days. 
  • Thank you for the small moments of this beautiful life we are building together. I think I love them most of all. 

In plenty and in want… 

  • Thank you for everything you do to take care of us and provide for our family. 
  • Thank you for reminding me everyday that money isn’t everything and can’t buy happiness. You make me happier than I ever dreamed was possible. 

In joy and in sorrow… 

  • Thank you for all of the times we have laughed so hard that tears have poured down our faces. You make me laugh everyday. 
  • Thank you for all of the times you gave me more grace than I gave to you when I was mean, cranky, overtired, or frustrated and didn’t live up to those vows I made to you. My grandmother was right about not going to bed angry. 

…As long as we both shall live 
It was always you, and it always will be.

 Happy anniversary love of my life. Here’s to a lifetime more. I’ll never stop being grateful for you.

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