Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All you need

In my experience, love is, you know, messy.

It's complicated and confusing, even at its best.

Don't get me wrong — I'm pro-love, wildly. The funness and sharing and mutuality and joy make the messy worth it, make the messy important and beautiful.

I spent the weekend at and around the wedding of my dear friends. These are two of the loveliest folks I know, and they are perfectly suited to each other. Their wedding showed it.

The folks who attended and participated were fun and interesting — and frankly glowing with their (our) own love for the happy couple.

Day 16 of my month of gratitude: I am grateful for love so big it tints the rest of my interactions. I'm grateful for its many expressions: for hugs and eye sparkles and forgiveness and music, for breakfast with old friends and giggly tickling with children, for gratitude itself. And I am grateful for the reminders that love's joy outweighs love's messes.

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