Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pot calling the kettles

OK, Internet friends, we have a crisis.
I have a pot luck to go to tonight.
Some of you may know that pot lucks are sort of my thing. Generally, I host them, rather than attending them, so that even if my dish falls a little flat, my guests are distracted by being impressed with what a good hostess I am (and I am).
But my go-to dish is my chicken chili with hominy in it. It's good, it's crazy-easy to make, and it goes in the Crock Pot.
And I have lost the recipe. More to the point, I have lost the whole book it was in, which includes all my backup go-to dishes.
So my plea is twofold:
  1. Did I give you that recipe?
  2. Do you have another backup recipe for me?
I need to be ready to go by 5, so any shopping and preparation needs to be done by then.


Lisa Clarke said...

You did not give me your recipe, but you could try my go-to crock pot recipe. It's got three ingredients, cooks on high for 2-3 hours, and gets rave reviews every time.

You just need a big bag of frozen cocktail meatballs, an entire squeezable bottle of grape jelly, and an entire jar of chili sauce.

I tend to stop at the Chinese place and get a big order of plain white rice to serve the meatballs with, but that's not entirely necessary.

mike said...

Read Calvin Trillin on Kenny Shopsin. In case it's not convenient to do that, here's the moral of the story: You know the basic ingredients of your signature dish. Probably most of the people at this event have not eaten it before, at least not often. So it doesn't matter if it's not exactly the same.

bzh said...

So... what did you bring?

bzzzzgrrrl said...

You're not going to believe it, bzh, but I stumbled across Carolyn Hobgood's cheese rice recipe tucked into a cookbook. It was, as always, a hit.

Definitely plan to try Lisa's meatballs at some point.