Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reflections on having to ask a coworker to drive me home in the middle of a weekday afternoon so I can change into jeans and pop a couple of Advil

Remember this bit, from the pilot episode of Seinfeld?

[VIDEO REMOVED; see update below.]

You know who makes jokes like the one that starts at about the 1:04 mark?

Male comedians.

[UPDATE 8/3/10: Apparently, that video has been removed by the user. This one's shorter, and only contains the joke in question.]

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Kay Bailey said...

That is very funny. Funny how oblivious. I saw a commercial once where a woman was saying, "I had to spend the whole party with my jacket around my waist." I thought that some people probably wouldn't know what that meant, but I have never heard so perfectly and instantly evocative of a feeling.

Hope you're feeling better.