Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sorry, gang; I've been getting a ton of comment spam lately, and so have had to add word verification to the comment process.
It's not a great solution; it feels ableist to me (and annoying to frequent reader Lisa), but I couldn't think of another way to allow anonymous comments and instant comments and kill all that spam. If anyone has a better way that works with Blogger, let me know. You know, assuming you can get past the word verification.


Joe said...

I suddenly can't get that Monty Python "Spam" song out of my head.
Can't help it.
Let's hope I typed "distua" correctly in order for this to get posted.

Cousin Mouse said...

Mine was "uppeflat." I think that's German for "plateau."

Anonymous said...

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bzzzzgrrrl said...

OK, I'm leaving that one up because it's too funny not to, on this post in particular. Don't click the link, unless you actually do need a prostitute in London.

robm26 said...

I got "recessly"... is that an adverb like beautifully or an adjective like lovely?