Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More fun with Netflix

So, I'm sick today, and watching a lot more TV than reading. I begin to think that the descriptions of episodes of Family Ties available from Netflix are maybe not written by native English speakers.

A few examples:

While Alex is in the shop where Mallory works, they catch Jessie Blake shoplifting. Dad Steven points out Milford home where Jessie lives is not an orphanage but specialized in problem children, often abused.
Alex is in charge of this year's Leland parents students day. His girlfriend Ellen is angry because Alex personally invited her father, corporate lawyer Franklin Reed, whom she rejected as 'foul materialist' years ago.
Ma and Jen hardly notice the mustache Alex grows for the homecoming speech as former valedictorian in Harding High-school. Skippy hopes Mal just uses Nick to make him jealous, but of course she refuses to go with him to the homecoming dance.
and my personal favorite....
Alex committed the surprising error to vent his conviction so he gets stuck following the same elementary car mechanics course as ma Elyse, the architect, who proves more gifted at it.

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bzzzzgrrrl said...

Whoa, and they're getting harsher...

"Just because Alex refuses to risk her life and everyone else's by letting Mallory drive, the airhead says 'don't lie, Alex' when a policeman stops them and he rightfully answers to have made a full stop."