Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A real conversation that happened tonight

My dad, to my cousin who's trying to remember a book title: Is it How the Irish Saved Civilization?
Cousin: No, but now I'm curious about that one.
My dad: Or is it "How the Irish saved Western Civilization"? No, it's not. But that's what it means.
Me: Gross.
My dad: Western civilization's not like Westerns. Not like the wild west.
Me: [42 years old and staring, astonished] I know what "Western civilization" means. I'm not seven. I just meant, gross to refer to "Western civilization" [already a problematic phrase, because, hey, whole Southern Hemisphere] as "civilization."
My dad: Oh, right. I'm with you there.

Wait — what?

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Mike said...

But if you object to the phrase "Western civilization," you nullify one of Gandhi's greatest one-liners...