Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's always nice to feel really understood.

It's kind of an eventful week, socially and religiously and whatnot. The great irony is that more to report means less time in which to report it. But I had pancakes for dinner Tuesday and went to church Wednesday and am having dinner with friends tonight and may go to a film festival gala Friday and Saturday there's an event happening where I'm really into the opening acts but somewhat less so into the main act, and, well, you know, stuff.

Also: Yesterday, I went to Google something.

I typed in, "has anyone ever gotten the," and Google autofilled it as, "has anyone ever gotten the jackpot in candy crush," and here's the thing:

That is what I was going to ask.


Yeah, so, big times. You?


Genny said...

HAS anyone ever gotten the jackpot?!

bzzzzgrrrl said...

According to the forum posts I read, a couple people have landed on the jackpot and then the game crashed, so they couldn't collect. I did not, in the few minutes I wanted to spend reading, find any examples of people who got it and were actually able to use it.

Mike said...

I've never won the jackpot in any sort of video/internet game, but right now I'm listening to Erin Hathaway Weaver's radio show on Soundcloud, so I win anyway.