Sunday, November 2, 2014

Home shopping

One night last week, I sent the following sequence of messages to RI:
i know you're already asleep
but i need you to have this information
on qvc, they have a line of what appear to be knock-off uggs
you would think uggs is the worst name for a thing
but these boots are called lamo
they pronounce it to rhyme with "camo," but i think we all know better 

Several days before that, I sent this sequence of messages to RI:
they are selling a fragrance on qvc
Day 2 of our month of gratitude: I am thankful to have found QVC on my Roku after many years without cable, and to have a partner in this world who is capable of at least feigning amusement at the things that surprise or delight or amuse me.


Lisa Clarke said...

I think it's funny the things we will stay up late watching when we get new channels. When we finally gave in and got cable a few years ago, Neil and I stayed up until the middle of the night watching awful sci fi movies.

My younger son has an addiction to House HGTV.

QVC sounds like an amusing distraction :-) (Heh. Lamo.)

Lisa Clarke said...

Er, that was supposed to say House Hunters on HGTV.

Mike said...

My initial reaction was also amusement, but then: It is possible to sell a fragrance on TV because the consumer doesn't usually care what the fragrance actually smells like. The consumer cares what images and attributes are associated with the fragrance in the ad campaign. (Name one botanical ingredient in Axe. See?)

bzzzzgrrrl said...

I hope you're wrong, Mike. I mean, advertising fragrance on TV with associations and whatnot makes some sense to me — but with the assumption that the consumer then goes out and smells what the stuff smells like before purchasing.

I actually can name several of the botanical ingredients in the fragrance they were selling on QVC (bergamot, lemon, and lime oils, enhanced with peppermint, woods, and a hint of basil and rosemary, according to the website), but I still can't imagine buying a scent without knowing what it actually smells like — and I know I'm fussier than most in this respect, but I don't think I'd buy a scent without knowing what it smells like on me, with my own body chemistry and whatnot.