Thursday, December 4, 2014

Errand Grrrl

We haven't talked a lot about the advantages of living in a small city, over the other kinds of places I've lived in: small towns and big cities and even medium-urban non-city census-designated place counties.

But here it is.
At 12:58 p.m., I was pulling my car out of the work parking lot.

I then:
  • Drove to the bank
  • Parked
  • Went into the bank
  • Endorsed two checks
  • Deposited them
  • Drove to the library (narrowly avoiding hitting RI's step-grandmother as I went)
  • Parked
  • Went into the library
  • Applied for and received a library card*
  • Found the book I wanted
  • Checked it out
  • Drove to the dry-cleaner
  • Parked
  • Dropped off a comforter for cleaning
  • Walked to the fish market
  • Bought lunch
  • Drove back to the work parking lot
  • Parked
  • Walked back into my building and up the stairs to my office.

At 1:29 p.m., I was sitting at my desk, eating phenomenal seafood chowder and writing this post.

Thirty-one minutes, friends.

*I already had a college library card, which lets me take books out of either library. Today, I decided it was high time I had an actual city library card.