Monday, February 11, 2008

Story #2

This one from Katie:
the most entertaining and embarrassing [bzzzzgrrrl] story i am privy to that was not just recounted to me by [bzzzzgrrrl] herself was shortly after her move (back) to [where she lives]. perhaps two or three weeks after arriving back in her old stomping grounds, i was on the phone with her for her walk home from work. [bzzzzgrrrl] lives .8 miles from work, with one turn on the way. we may never know for sure the exact route she took this day, but i have made my best family circus approximation. it started with forgetting to turn on her own road and taking the next right instead, and ended with me mapquesting her way back from probate street, .5 miles away from her house in the opposite direction from work.

most important thing to note: the quarter mile she walked down her own street before turning left and wandering around like a fool.

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