Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I had about the sweetest e-mail of my life from a regular reader today:
"Life is empty without new City Mouse Country posts.
"How are you doing?"
Aw. I miss you guys, too.
Last week was a rollercoastery week. Here are your updates (and downdates, I suppose):
  • The computer has been replaced, and is working fine. Hallelujah.
  • My parents' dog died. She was old, but we didn't know she was dying, and it has thrown me just a little more off-kilter than I already was. My parents are, naturally, devastated.
  • My college roommate and her kids came to visit last weekend. We had an outstanding time, complete with turtle-spotting, playground time, cheeseburger pie, ice cream, and lots and lots of reading. Good stuff.
  • My friend is moving to Bermuda, which means I have a reason to go to Bermuda. Also, his farewell party this weekend featured lots of special guest stars I hadn't seen in years.
I am doing all right, but I am staying very, very busy, part by design and part by coincidence.
There will be loads to post about in the coming weeks, as:
  • Many many cousinmice (largely from assorted cities) will be coming to visit.
  • Also: one more city visitor.
  • Also: a worlds-colliding-type birthday party for an old friend.
  • Also: the miracle that is summer stock theater.
  • And maybe an amusement park trip.
Keep watching this space.


Cousin Mouse said...

cousinmice! cousinmice! cousinmice are coming!

I'd make an intelligent comment but I'm too busy getting ready to go to city mouse country.

Roller coaster, eh? hmmm

Kay Bailey said...

I'm so sorry about ... um, Victoria was it? Veronica? The doggie. She was a good dog and a good member of the family.