Friday, December 2, 2011

Things that would not happen in Washington (but would happen in a movie)

We haven't done one of these lately, but I couldn't resist. (See previous incarnations here, here and here.)

This e-mail just received from a cabinet-level administrator at the college:
Hi, all: If anyone is interested in having some, I have a cooler full of fresh venison here today. We have WAY more than we can use (and I mean WAY), and are very interested in sharing with anyone who would like some. If you want to take some, please, please take as much as you want, either for yourself or for others. For those unfamiliar with venison that has been properly prepared, it does not have any strong taste; it’s more like eating filet mignon, but without any fat whatsoever.

I’m only here until noon, as I am headed to a professional seminar this afternoon, so let me know before then. If you can’t do it today, let me know any time, as we always have more than enough to share. I can always bring some in.

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Mike said...

Actually, it was in Washington (at the old home of Suz Redfearn) that I encountered elk meat at a potluck. Some guy from the office of Sen. Baucus had shot an elk back home during congressional recess and had it butchered and shipped east.