Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things I learned from two full weeks of dogsitting

  • The most desirable place in my yard to poop is the property line with my neighbors.
  • If a dog isn't allowed on the bed, and you agree with that philosophically and also respect the dog's owner's wishes, but nonetheless aren't feeling well and would like to snuggle with a doggie, you can lie down on the couch as if it were a bed and have the dog come up there. As long as the dog is allowed on the couch.
  • Dogs are better at opening doors than they are at closing them behind them.
  • There is always an adult male fishing at Robin Hood Park. He may have a child or a woman or another adult male or no one with him, but he is always there. Not always the same adult male; I think they must have a schedule to be sure all shifts are covered.
  • A small dog with a big-dog bark will scare mice away.
  • When you return a dog to his owners, with "all his stuff," you will likely forget something. In my case, "something" means food dish, water dish, placemat food and water dish sit on, fleece blanket, destroyed stuffed elephant, destroyed tennis ball, and two sticks of rawhide. So far.

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bzzzzgrrrl said...

...and a rubber bone.