Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3rd of July

...so now it's July, and I'm committed to writing three posts a week, and it's late Tuesday, and I have very little to say. Oh, well, you know my motto, "when in doubt, make a list." Things I should be doing:
  • Finishing up my self-paced online music appreciation class that started in May and ends Saturday. I, um, just took the midterm. But hey, I got a 95! Specifically:
    • Completing classes,
    • Researching the vibraphone,
    • Writing a “concert attendance report” on the opera I went to last week,
    • Writing two other short assignments
  • Finding a dentist. Part of my tooth fell out last night.
  • Cleaning my house in anticipation of the family who will visit soon. Specifically:
    • Making the office inhabitable for me.
    • Putting away the clothes that are on the bed in my room.
    • Cramming the costumes back into the costume trunk in the guest room.
    • Tidying the living room.
  • Going to the dump. Trash pickup here is so expensive, but not having trash pickup involves actually remembering to go to the dump at a time the dump is open.
  • Making dinner.
  • Going to the bank.
  • Going to the drugstore.

  • Things I have been doing instead:

    • Playing with the dog I'm dog-sitting.
    • Feeding the cat I'm cat-sitting.
    • Reading an old Danielle Steele novel in the interest of keeping said cat company.
    • Playing video games.
    • Watching the Seven Up series (which, no kidding, if you haven't seen, you must)
    • Watching crappy TV with much less redeeming social value than the Seven Up series
    • A little bowling (not very much, seriously)
    So, yeah, I should get back to that top list. How about you? What's new?


    Mike said...

    Why are dumps ever closed?

    bzzzzgrrrl said...

    If I had to guess, I'd say staffing.

    Genny said...

    a) I am so happy you are reading a Danielle Steel novel. :)

    b) I think you should keep the costumes out for when your family all comes over next week - that would be so fun!

    bzzzzgrrrl said...

    a) I'm done with Danielle Steele, finally. Now I'm on to Take This Bread, which I think you might like.

    b) Hm. Possibly relevant factors:
    -These family members range in age from 22 to 83, I think.
    -I may actually have to, because the trunk may actually not close anymore with the amount of costume in there.