Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A stream of consciousness about scandal

Here is a hint for the folks at the New York Post, and also voyeuristic journalists everywhere: The phrase "sex orgy" is the creepiest way to say what you mean. Just "orgy" is probably sensationalist enough, and "sex party" would get the point across as well.

I had reason to be aware of that helpful tip for writers of things because apparently a porn actor claims Kim Kardashian was in one 10 years ago.

Oh, about that: YAWN.

The only thing that could make me interested in Kim Kardashian's current romantic or sex life is if she was in an exclusive, very normal relationship with an attractive but unflashy woman, in which they were pleasant to each other and their neighbors and stayed off TV about it and didn't talk about sex but did have a fun jokey relationship with Kim's stepdad. Or maybe Chaz Bono. You can let me know if she gets involved with Chaz Bono.

I do not think anything could make me interested in her past sex life, sex orgies or no.

Except Richard Dawkins.

If she has ever been involved with Richard Dawkins, or ever becomes involved with him, I would also like that information.

Otherwise, I am not interested.

I cannot wait to see what search terms drive people to this post.


Mike said...

But the whole point of the article (it being the NY Post) was to use the term "sex orgy."

bzzzzgrrrl said...