Thursday, September 27, 2012


It's been a busy time around here, resulting in me attempting to write a handful of bullet-point, scattershot posts of whimsical thoughts and failing at even that by the time I get to about the second bullet point. Why so busy? Glad you asked.

  • At work, there are a bunch of big, time-sensitive projects, and we're down three staff (in a roughly 14-person office). That means I'm working lots of extra time, which, for me, in unsustainable. I work a 12-hour day, come in the next morning and can't focus because my brain is fried, don't get much done in the early part of the day, have to stay late, wake up early and do a little work then, come in and can't focus.... You get the picture. I am hopeful that by the end of tomorrow, I'll be done with the crunch and able to focus on work at work, rest and play when not at work.
  • I'm also doing a little volunteer work for my church. The volunteer work is in my professional field, which means when I'm too fried to work, I'm also too fried to volunteer.
  • Outside of work, I'm stage managing a staged reading. Lots of fun, but it's two rehearsals a week with an hour round-trip commute.
  • My car's broken. I've got a crack mechanic working on it now, but meanwhile, I've been on foot off-and-on for about a week and a half.
  • I don't need a lot of social time, generally, but I do need some, because my work is largely unsocial and I live by myself. Trying to squeeze that in is one more thing.
  • It's still beautiful up here, weatherwise. I want to be outside in it every minute I can before that gets less practical.
  • When I'm stressed and busy like this, I tend to most easily cut back on both spiritual practices and physical exercise, which is unacceptable, because while those also take time and focus, they (along with aforementioned social time) are also what enable me to handle the rest of it. So, trying to make time for those.
  • Oh, dishes and laundry and figuring out how to fix the front hall light fixture and showering and, you know, stuff.
Fallen asleep yet? OK, for all three of you who are still out there, you get the reward of the bullet-point-or-two from each of those unfinished posts. Woohoo!

  • My left calf is significantly bigger than my right.
  • Nonetheless, I found boots that fit, and I love them more than at least a couple of my friends. Not you, obviously — you're my favorite. Though the boots were cheaper than you. Wait, now we're getting into a weird place.
  • The movie Brazil is less entertaining to me now than it was in 1987 — possibly because I was less aware in 1987, possibly because so much of what we could call "dystopian" then we just have to call "real" now. Or possibly because I don't like all things British — including Terry Gilliam — as much as it seems like I would.
  • I know I'm in the minority, but there are few household chores that I find more satisfying than cleaning the bathroom.
  • Two of my latest Pandora stations have been "Call Me Maybe" and "You Can Call Me Al." I bet you'd get something interesting if you mixed those two stations.
  • Most of the "Bridezilla" phenomenon is a self-perpetuating media invention, and it makes me sad and we won't get into every nuance of feminist theory that applies here (though if any of you would like to, you need to let me know, stat). But here's one thought: How much of it is due to the weird but apparently prevalent idea that every bride-to-be needs to go on a diet before her wedding and is therefore starving and cranky and semidelirious?
  • Since I wrote this post and have been, as I said above, on foot a little more often, I have worn a backpack with a shortish skirt three times. The result is, of course, that I am constantly checking my butt, which I am sure makes me look much more normal/self-aware/classy than those women I was judging.

So, how are you?


    Anonymous said...

    I'm wondering how you check your butt on a hike where there are, presumably, no mirrors or shop windows to facilitate. Unless you are twisting yourself around as you hike, which with a backpack on and on uneven ground could lead to injury.

    Be careful.

    Joe said...

    I think you need a vacation. Pronto.
    I hear Framingham is lovely this time of year.
    Hey, how's the foliage, by the way? Anything happening yet?

    bzzzzgrrrl said...

    A couple points (ha!) of clarification:
    -I am not actually hiking. The backpack in question is a bookbag-sized one, which is how I carry my stuff to work when I'd rather not carry a big work purse on one shoulder for that distance.
    -Regardless, you are correct that there are neither mirrors nor shop windows on my walk between work and home.
    -A visual check might be dangerous, but I believe it would be at least ineffective. These are checks by hand to be sure my butt is covered, literally.