Friday, September 14, 2012

Pro Fashion Tip

Privately, I am superjudgmental about fashion. You should not bother trying to impress me, because my opinions are as firm as they are illogical, which is why I rarely share them out loud and also why I ask for advice so frequently.

Publicly, I do not think my judgments of what other people wear matter much, as long as they are happy with how they're dressed.

But sometimes, I just can't imagine people would be happy with how they're dressed. That's where this excellent advice — from an actual blogger with a "getting dressed" label on some of her posts — comes in handy.

COLLEGE WOMEN OF NEW HAMPSHIRE*: You cannot wear both that short fullish skirt and that bookbag-sized backpack. The backpack makes the skirt ride up and I can see your underpants or the part of your tights that is covering your butt. I am not exaggerating.  I have seen your butt. You need to either ditch the backpack or wear pants — or maybe a longer skirt. You could also get one of those 90s teensy backpacks, though I will admit I never really saw the point. I know your skirt is all the way past your mid-thighs in the front, but in the back, people you would like to date you and/or employ you and/or give you a passing grade can see your butt. For real.

*And also anyone else who wears a backpack with a short skirt.

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